Orofino’s Kitchen

Orofino’s Kitchen

July 28, 2016

Mike & Luanne spent their careers in the restaurant industry. They have now retired and have continued their passion through Orofino’s Kitchen where they create delicious masterpieces and bring them to their customers via catering, food delivery service, and through farmers markets.

They needed a website so that their customers can get in contact with them, keep up with where they are, see what was on the menu for the week, and inquire further about their catering services. We created them a simple and beautiful one-page website that does just that. It offers them the ability to update their menu and calendar weekly so that their followers can stay up-to-date. In addition, we created them a newsletter database so that their customers can sign up for the newsletter that sends them that weeks menu and the Orofino’s location. This web design beautifully displays their passion for people gathering around good food.

Website: orofinoskitchen.com

This project included: web design, search engine optimization (SEO), website training post launch, and newsletter set up.