There is quite a bit of confusion surrounding content marketing and how all the pieces of fit together. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about email marketing and blog content.

  • What is a blog? How do I use it? A blog is a space on your website that is regularly updated and used to share information about your business, brand, product, industry, so on. If you currently aren’t sharing any information through your blog, start with 2 posts per month. Your is helpful for search engine optimization: you posting relevant and searchable content consistently is what Google likes to see. This space is the is the perfect place for potential clients to learn more about you, your brand, your values, DIY, tips, etc. For example: if you are a fitness and wellness coach, you would share information in the realm of fitness and wellness. Some of the titles of your blog posts may look like:
    • 5 Foods You Should Eat To Loose Weight
    • How To Tell if You Are Deficient in Vitamin D
    • 20 Minute Full Body Workout
  • Where do I begin with a newsletter? Start by setting up a free MailChimp account.  Create a list and add all of your existing customer and lead emails into the list. Add a section to sign up to receive your emails on your website.
  • What should I share in the newsletter? It’s a big deal for someone to give you their email address. Treat it with care and add value to their inbox. The goal of the content on your newsletter is to add value to a potential customer and get them to take action from there: visit your website, buy product, visit your storefront, etc. To do that, share re-caps of your blog posts, just blurbs, with a read more option that directs them back to your website to read the full blog, share product highlights with links to purchase products, share tips and tricks of things they can do with your product.
  • How often should I send a newsletter? Typically, you should send an email no more than one time per week and if you don’t have enough content to build a full email, don’t send it until you do.
  • How do I gather emails for my newsletter? Add a link to sign up on your website and share the link periodically and creatively on social media.

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